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Well, here it is, Chapter one, Questionable Sanity. Hope everyone likes it.
Many thanks to CoreFolf for the wing texture and the Alex on the right's expression. I could have never done this without him. Go visit him on his Deviant art and say hi to him. You will also find the other texture I will have for the wings. I know there is some mistakes here and there in the white but I did the best I could, I did this under the wire. Hopefully next week I can begin the story. Been having family stay over so no idea. My little cousins demand a lot of time.

Wed, 24 Aug 2011

I'm getting there!

by Xade

I've got Invisicat on my deviant art I found a much better model to use for the majority of the first part of Chapter one, however I want to use the far right one for at least two pages. I already got that scripted out. I want to show off my hard work with blankboi's outfit and I don't want CoreFolf's work go completely to waste. The new Alex, who isn't featured in the chapter's cover is positively adorable, as you can see in this small comic I made for Ohio Issue 2

I've been seriously thinking about switching forever to the Peaches and Pickles based models because I can convert the clothing with little effort, and they have lots of anthro morphs, but I haven't decided yet. They are really cute and low polygon compared to the 4th gen. I haven't decided 100% but it's certain that once chapter one is done that we havent seen the last of Pickles Alex, he is just too cute and too close to what I was trying for back when I could draw.

In other news, I found a good way to start the story with some minor background setting and show that this version of Insanity of Xade is still Cameo friendly. I do not plan on doing any crossovers in the future, they are just too hard on a 3d artist, however, cameo stories are fun. I might one day do a cameo caper but right now I need to really focus on the story and not divert from it.

People wondered why I am dropping the previous version, so I will tell you. One, I did not know anything about a comic when I started out and it shows with all the plot holes, and indead the very name of the comic. Two, my art was not consistent. I went from hand drawn to 3d once I had the auto accident. Three, I did not set the background enough in the first chapter before diving into the crossover. This leaves the new readers feeling hopelessly lost. Four, I was not happy with where the story was actually going. As it stands I would have kept Alfred, and Alex's home life would have been very complicated and probably would have frustrated me to where I would have totally given up. Five, I realized that I really couldn't call my comic "Insanity of Xade" with the current storyline. There was no sign of insanity in the story. Six, Alex was not high enough in his powers that I would have liked him to be by the time Chapter Four rolled around. Things were happening too slowly to really keep readers, and my own attention for much longer. Seven, I had an awesome idea on how to bring the insanity to Xade and the more I thought about it the more I liked it so I found myself less and less interested in finishing this chapter and more into what the comic should be about.

Okay, now here is the reasons for staying to see the reboot. One, you will see Alex and company much earlier in the day. Two, I ironed out the backstory as to why Alex was on that lonely road watering the sign. Three, the comic is now called "Insanity of Xade" for a reason, not just because it sounds good. Four, the story flows much better, is more thought out and has many surprising elements to it. And Five, you get to see what is so important about Aden. Why is he so popular, what did he do to make his children so famous that even two thousand years later people ask Alex if he is the grandson of the Protector. So, stay tuned, I do plan on restarting in December, I am almost there.

Fri, 25 Nov 2011

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